One day late in September the Year 7’s got the opportunity to go to Waddow Hall. We were all very excited and had been looking forward to it all week; suddenly the day was here.

After a short coach journey we were mixed into 10 groups, we weren’t all in our form groups so we had the chance to meet new people and make new friends.

There were 3 difference activities for each group to try, some of the activities were: team building, raft building, climbing, Jacobs ladder, canoeing and kayaking. It didn’t stop there! During lunch there was grass sledging where sledges raced down a steep hill towards a river at the bottom but thankfully no-one fell in!

My favourite activity was climbing; we climbed up an actual rock face! We wore harnesses and helmets to keep us safe. It was really scary watching my other group members climb up, but when it was my turn it was so much fun! When we came down we were told to lie back in the air like we were going to have a nap, it was so funny!

Thankfully the weather was amazing, it was so warm and sunny and even better, we got to spend the whole day out in the sun!

Taking part in activities at Waddow wasn’t just good fun, it built our confidence and encouraged us to look at joining more clubs and get involved in different activities that we may not have tried before.

Everyone really enjoyed going and had lots of fun. We were all tired, soaked and ready for the weekend.