Pupil Progress

How we track pupil progress

When a pupil enters Bowland High their academic record from their primary school/previous school is transferred to us. This will include their standardised scores and any other academic information. On entry to Bowland we undertake CAT (cognitive ability tests) with all pupils and teaching staff will carry out baseline assessment tasks in lesson to ensure that we set an aspirational target so that every child is stretched and challenged during their time here. High quality teaching and regular assessments are carried out throughout the rest of the academic year to ensure pupils are making the right amount of progress.

How we report pupil progress

Tracker reports are sent to parents three times a year. These reports contain a variety of different pieces of information, including their target for the year/course, their attitude to learning grade and whether they are on track to meet their target grade or not. Tracker reports are sent home using Insight.

From these tracker grades, underachievement is highlighted, and a range of strategies are put into place that include parental contact. Pupils who achieve well are identified and congratulated.

Parents’ evenings are held once a year and more detailed discussions take place about each child’s progress and the strategies to support them. For pupils in year 7, an additional parents evening takes place in November with their form tutor to discuss any early issues and to intervene early where necessary.

““Pupils are polite, well-mannered and respectful.”


“Teachers and pupils show mutual respect for each other.”


"Safeguarding policies and practice are highly effective."


"Pupils’ outcomes are outstanding. All groups make strong progress."