Lancashire County Council deal with all bus services including safety and bus passes. Links for guidance are attached below:

School Transport

Safer Travel Unit Travel Guides

School Buses

School buses operate to and from Bowland High.  These buses cover Clitheroe and the outlying rural areas.  Further details about routes can be obtained via the County Council Traveline services, telephone number 0300 1236738.

Bus and Taxi Operators 2018

Matt Cheetham Taxi queries 01282 831858
Pendle Coaches (RSE) 510   903 01282 616924
J. Robinsons (ROB) 629   666 01282 545745, 07736 671214
Hodsons Coaches (HOD) 444   621   630   631/861   641   686 01200 429220
Lakeland (LAK) 626 01254 826646
Lancs United (LUL) 860   890 0345 727272
P & S Nelson/Hodder (PSN) 659 07909 698516
Bubble Travel (ADS) 628 01282 835555
Tiger Taxi 01200 444444
Saf’s Taxi 01200 443100 / 07977823771
Aline & Gemms Taxi 01282 619619
Castle Taxi 01200 426000
Travelcare Taxi 01282 831858


If you drop off or collect pupils from school in a car you must not stop within the marked yellow boxes outside school within the hours 8.15am – 9.30am and 3pm – 3.45pm. Please do not bring your car into school ground to park on the yard or staff car park in school hours.


The nature of the access roads (narrow, unlit and with no pavements) makes it inappropriate for pupils to cycle to school for safety reasons.

For the same reason we also discourage pupils from walking from the nearest villages.

On no account may pupils bring motorcycles or tractors onto school premises, and pupils using them to drive to school is strongly discouraged. Helmets and other specific motor cycle attire must not be brought onto school premises.


If you have any questions about school transport, you should call Lancashire County Council on 0300  1236738

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