Senior Leadership Team

  • John Tarbox
  • Andrea Yates
  • Laura Fielden
  • Hilary Kellow
  • Anthony Keefe
  • Helen Dakin

Teaching Staff

  • Mr V Bergon BEng (Hons) PGCE Subject Leader, Design and Technology
  • Mrs J Billington BSc (Hons) PGCE Physics
  • Mrs A Bradley BSc (Hons) QTS Subject Leader, Food
  • Mr D Breen BSc (Hons) PGCE Curriculum Leader Science
  • Mrs S Costigan BSoc Sc (Hons) BSc PGCE Science
  • Mr A Fletcher BA (Hons) English and Subject Leader, PSCHEE
  • Mr D Gleave BA (Hons) PGCE PE, Student Welfare and Progress Manager
  • Miss F Hardisty BA (Hons) PGCE Girls’ PE
  • Mr I Haythornthwaite BSc (Hons) PGCE Mathematics
  • Miss S Hussain BA (Hons) PGCE English
  • Dr C Hustler BA (Hons) PGDE GTP PhD Subject Leader, History
  • Mrs N Ingham BA (Hons) PGCE Student Welfare and Progress Manager Year 8 & Year 9, MFL
  • Mr I Machin BEd MEd SENCO
  • Mr B Morrissey BA (Hons) PGCE Curriculum Leader, MFL
  • Mrs R O’Doherty BSc (Hons) PGCE Mathematics, KS4
  • Mr M Olstowski BSc (Hons) Mathematics
  • Mr M Procter BSc (Hons) MSc PGCE Geography
  • Mrs E Robertson BA (Hons) PGCE Curriculum Leader, Technology
  • Mr P St John BSc (Hons) MA PGCE Science
  • Mr J Simmonds BA (Hons) PGCE Subject Leader, Religious Education
  • Miss A Smith BA (Hons), MA,PGCE English
  • Mr R Spencer BSc (Hons), PGCE Curriculum Leader Humanities
  • Miss A Tarpey BA (Hons) PGCE Subject Leader, Art
  • Mr B Jackson BA (Hons) PGCE Mathematics
  • Mrs L Whittaker BA (Hons) PGCE English & Performing Arts
  • Mr D Wilson BA (Hons), PGCE Computing
  • Mrs L Wilson BA (Hons) PGCE MFL


Support Staff

  • Alison Armitage Administrative Assistant
  • David Bates Performing Arts Technician
  • Sarah Beesley Teaching assistant SEN
  • Louise Brown Cover Supervisor/Cover Manager
  • Emma Burns Careers & Vocational Co-ordinator
  • Moira Cassin  Mentor
  • Rachel Callaghan-Heeks Science Technician
  • Sarah Cox Receptionist/Administrator
  • Helen Dakin  Operations Manager
  • Ruth Donald Librarian
  • Sally Emmanuel English Curriculum Assistant/Librarian
  • Edythe Grainger Teaching Assistant
  • Dale Higham Teaching Assistant/Tech technician
  • Keiron Hinds Teaching Assistant
  • Emma Holgate Finance Officer
  • Peter Hook Teaching Assistant
  • Marie Isherwood Teaching Assistant/English Curriculum Assistant
  • Katherine Lamle  Teaching Assistant
  • Claire Lancaster Assistant Exams Officer
  • Jane Larkin KS4 Progress & Welfare Manager
  • Amanda Lord Senior Teaching Assistant
  • Annette Lund Curriculum Assistant – Art Tech / Welfare Assistant
  • Helen Pendlebury PE Curriculum Assistant
  • Jennifer Schofield Assistant site supervisor
  • Janet Sharpe Head Teacher’s PA
  • Kerry  Taylor Curriculum Support – Maths
  • Erica  Theobald Teaching Assistant
  • Angela Thorne Finance Officer
  • Lesley Webber Examinations Officer
  • Bronwen Welch Curriculum Assistant in Humanities/MFL
  • Alan Wilkinson Site Supervisor
  • Suzanne Wilson Office manager
  • Kath Broadley Kitchen Staff
  • Helen Ryle Kitchen Staff
  • Elaine Cox Kitchen Staff/Manager
  • Pamela Entwistle Kitchen Staff
  • Marie Beattie Kitchen Staff

““Pupils are polite, well-mannered and respectful.”


“Teachers and pupils show mutual respect for each other.”


"Safeguarding policies and practice are highly effective."


"Pupils’ outcomes are outstanding. All groups make strong progress."