Bowland is an academic school and one of our core goals is to ensure all pupils make excellent progress from their starting points.

Progress 8

It will help parents/carers to have an overview of the key school performance measures that have been in place since 2016.

These measures are designed to ensure that all pupils follow a balanced curriculum with a significant number of what they consider to be ‘academic’ subjects. Additionally, pupils will no longer be measured simply on raw outcomes, i.e. how many GCSE (or equivalent) passes at grade C and above they achieve. The new measures will look at pupil progress in their best 8 subjects, consequently focusing, not simply on the outcomes, but on pupils’ starting points and the progress they have made. This new measure is called “Progress 8”.

In order to ensure a balanced curriculum, the subject components within progress 8 are broken down into three ‘groups’.


All pupils at Bowland will be studying English language, English literature and maths (baskets 1 and 2). All pupils will then study two or three sciences. This will be notified by the science department towards the end of Y9 and the decision will be based upon overall progress and attainment in science. Geography, history, computer science and MFL subjects will also count in the second group of subjects above (baskets 3, 4 and 5).

All other qualifications at Bowland will count in the third ‘open group’ (baskets 6, 7 and 8) with the exception of BTEC Countryside and Environment which is offered most years at Bowland as part of the options offer.

Option Subjects

  1. Pupils will study 4 options subjects in total.
  2. Two options will commence in Year 9 and be examined at the end of Year 10.
  3. Two will commence in Year 10 and be examined at the end of Year 11.

English Baccalaureate

The English Baccalaureate (EBac) is a school performance measure. It allows people to see how many pupils get a pass grade (5) or above in the Core Academic Subjects at key stage 4. The EBac qualification is made up of English, maths, science (x2), history or geography, languages. To achieve the EBac pupils must pass all of these subjects at garde 5 or above.

Vocational and technical awards

Bowland offers a variety of vocational courses such as Hair and Beauty (VTCT), Construction (WJEC), Engineering (WJEC), Music (Rock School) and Hospitality and Catering (WJEC). The reasons to take vocational courses should be based around interest in the specific vocational sector and an understanding that the courses offer the most appropriate learning styles and opportunities for specific pupils, as well as an ideal basis for progression onto higher level courses in that sector. All pupils who want to follow a vocational option will still have opportunities to achieve a variety of other GCSEs.

It is possible for some pupils to leave school with the equivalent of 11 GCSE’s. Some pupils, who may find the workload of a full complement of GCSE’s too much, can study vocational subjects and reduce the number of GCSE’s they would take. We are very proud of our examination results.

For further detailed information on our curriculum and qualifications please refer to our Curriculum Booklets.

Year 7 Curriculum Lessons (/48) grouping
English 8 5 sets
Maths 8 5 (sets)
Science 5 4 (forms)
Physical Education 4 4
RE 2 4
PHSE 2 4
Humanities (History and geography) 5 4
Computing 2 4
Performing Arts 2 4
Music 2 4
Technology 4 6
MFL 4 4


Year 8 Curriculum Lessons (/48) grouping
English 8 5 sets
Maths 8 5 sets
Science 5 4 sets
Physical Education 4 4 groups
RE 2 4 groups
PHSE 2 4 groups
Humanities 4 4 groups
Computing 2 4 groups
Performing Arts 2 4 groups
Music 2 4 groups
Technology 4 6 groups
MFL 5 4 groups


Year 9 Curriculum Lessons (/48) grouping
English  8 5 sets
Maths  8 5 sets
Science 6 4 sets
Physical Education 4 4 groups
RE 2 4 groups
PSHE 2 4 groups
MFL 4 4 groups
Humanities (2 x geog, 2 x hist) 4 4 groups
OPTION 2 5 5


Year 10 Curriculum Lessons (/48) grouping
English 8 5 sets
Maths 8 5 sets
Science 10 5 sets
Physical Education (core) 3 4 groups
PSHE 1 4 groups
OPTION 1 5 5
OPTION 2 5 5
OPTION 3 4 5
OPTION 4 4 5



Year 11 Curriculum Lessons (/48)   grouping
English 9 sets 1 and 2
10 sets 3, 4 and 5
5 sets
Maths 9 sets 1 and 2
10 sets 3, 4 and 5
5 sets
Science (or substitute) 12 sets 1 and 2
10 sets 3, 4 and 5
5 sets
PE 4 4 groups
PSHE 2 4 groups
OPTION 3 (hum / MFL) 6 5
OPTION 4 (hum / MFL) 6 5

The above tables show an outline of our curriculum including subjects, time allocated and groupings.

Please also find detailed information about our curriculum in the curriculum booklets and on the qualifications page.

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