Pupils of the Week – Congratulations to:

Francesca B – outstanding effort catching up on missed work
Annabelle O – runner up in a Christmas cake design for ‘Good Food’ magazine
Phoebe C – always polite to the office staff, thank you we really appreciate it
Ollie P – the time and effort you have put into organising arts festival, despite not being a society official
George B – exceptional reading and total dedication despite being absent from school
Freddie S – great sporting leadership, despite being roundly beaten at football

Team of the Week – Congratulations to:

The society officials for working so hard on preparing for arts festival
Year 10 English set 3 boys- amazing work on ‘A Christmas Carol’ and vastly improved behaviour, keep it up
Year 8 netball team – 4th place in the Hyndburn & Ribble Valley tournament