The annual arts festival was held on the last day of term, at St Mary’s Centre in Clitheroe. Performers from all year groups were joined by an audience of Year 10 and Year 11 for a morning of competitive performances across the different performing arts disciplines.
The poetry section was won by Lister with a very Christmassy poem read out by Connor S from Year 11. Second place went to Walker.
The song was incredibly difficult to judge as all the performers really were on top form. The top place went to Lister with a duet from Emily B (Year 9) and Isobel S (Year 11). Second place went again to Walker.
We then moved onto the dance section which featured some fantastic choreography, all done by the pupils themselves. Coming out on top this time was Walker with 16 dancers from a range of year groups and choreography organised by Alex H (Year 11) and Isobelle S (Year 11). Second place went to Lister.
The instrumental section showcased some fantastic talent with two pianists and two drumming performances. First place went to George T of Lister in Year 8 with a fabulous performance on the piano. Gulliver C (Year 11) came second for Walker.
And lastly came the drama performances. The themes for each drama were picked from sealed envelopes by the society officials. Benedict chose ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’, Curnock chose ‘Alice In Wonderland’, Lister chose ‘The Christmas Carol’ and Walker chose the ‘Wizard of Oz’. Pupils then had to write their own script based on their theme. The outcomes were really inventive and featured puppet shows, politicians, and the annual opportunity for pupils to play staff characters! The winner of the drama section was Curnock with their amusing depiction of Tweedledee and Tweedledum! Lister came second with their cleverly political version of ‘The Christmas Carol’
The overall winners of the Arts Festival 2022 were Lister, closely followed by Walker. Well done to all the society officials and all the pupils who took part.
Thank you to Amelie MH from Year 11 who used her photography skills to record the event for Bowland.
Miss Yates