Year 7 Favourite ‘Book’ Photo Competition

22 October, 2020

Year 7 Favourite 'Book' Photo Competition

WOW!! What a fabulous response and an amazing effort by our new Year 7’s. It was great to see all their personalities shining though in the photo’s I received and thank you to all those parents and carers that helped.

Firstly, everyone got a society point, but I had to find a winner which seemed almost impossible! So, I put all the photo’s on display boards outside the library which allowed all members of staff the opportunity to put a sticker on their favourite. They really brought a smile to many faces! And as you can see, many stickers were stuck. Now, this left me with a dilemma because the photo’s were so good I wanted to give prizes to more than 3 pupils so, for the first time ever, there are three  categories:  Animal, Athletic & Book Theme.

So, I’m pleased to announce the following winners:

Animal                 Athletic            Book Theme

1st – Bethany      1st – Freya          1st – Eadie

2nd – Sophie      2nd – Katie         2nd – Rudi

3rd – Claudia      2nd – Isabel        2nd – Henry

3rd – Cara           2nd – Evie

It was a pleasure to give out the prizes and all the photo’s will be displayed on the  library walls.

Have a restful half term.

Mrs Emmanuel

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place