Year 7 Disco and Sleepover

1 November, 2022

A few weeks ago, Year 7 had a disco and sleepover they would never forget.

As soon as you entered you were greeted by kind Year 11 pupils who helped you get stuff to the right place. When you went into the dining hall this was where the fun really started.

There were bright lights, fun activities, delicious snacks and there were even glitter tattoos! We danced, laughed and made amazing memories. After the party was over we had even more fun. We played potato games, who can make the Maltesers drop and wrapped people in clingfilm.

When the fun had calmed down, we sat down and drank hot chocolate, ate biscuits and watched a film. Shortly after the film ended we got our stuff and snuggled down ready for sleep. All the teachers made sure everything was okay before we all got to sleep.

In the morning, Year 7 had the choice of a sausage sandwich, a bacon sandwich or a croissant. All in all we made so many great memories, had good times and lots of laughs.

Lizzie R