Year 11 Geography Trip

7 October, 2019

Over a series of three contrasting days, all the key stage 4, second year pupils of geography, embarked on a tour of the Fylde coast. There were 4 main locations stretching the 20 miles of the coast line. The objective of the day was to experience the variety of coastal management techniques employed along the coastline. St Anne’s demonstrated some excellent soft engineering with its sand dune structure and wide flat beaches. On one of the days the pupils were able to witness the extremely impressive kite-surfing club as well as the environment team of the Fylde council planting trees in the sand dunes.

In the shadow of the Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s ‘Big One’, the pupils observed the hard engineering, and one lucky group actually manged to feel the sand under their feet as the tide retreated. Cleveleys has recently been refurbished to high standard and the pupils were able to experience what they had been taught in lessons. The main visit though took place at Fleetwood, at the Rossall Point Observation Tower. The Wrye Council Rangers kindly gave us exclusive access to the viewing platform. This allowed some pupils to record the groyne measurements whilst the others made observational recordings before swapping.

Over the three days the pupils could see the Lake district, Heysham Power Station, the Irish Sea wind farm, as well as the speed and movement of the tides on those days. The pupils themselves were also treated to a visit to Rossall School. The 1844 school buildings and site, as well as their exclusive promenade and grounds meant the pupils could experience a  different educational environment and have lunch with many of their international students. As you can imagine the lunch was a three course affair which all the pupils and staff didn’t struggle to finish.

Many thanks to Mr Bradley and Rossall for their kind hospitality as a well as Mrs Burns and Mrs Lord who accompanied the Geography Department.

Mr Spencer