Year 10 Work Experience Week

19 July, 2019

Well done Year 10 for being amazing and shining in your work experience week.


Here are some of the quotes received by employers:

“She is a credit to her parents and Bowland High!”

“Every department he worked in , he has had glowing reviews..”

“He works as well as our more senior staff..we want him to stay!”

“I am extremely satisfied with his work ethic, hence he has been asked to keep in touch and apply for an Apprenticeship!”

“She has been a pleasure to have..she has shown a genuine interest as a potential future career.”

Pupils said:

“ I would love to do this as a future job and I have learned what I need to do to get there.”

“My confidence has also increased and I now find it easier to just go up to people and chat as they’re probably happy to talk.”

“Working independently helped me to develop my problem solving skills.”

“Not only have I learned some technical skills, I have also learned the attitude needed to be successful within any workplace environment.”

Mrs Burns