Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Expedition 2023

As the month neared its close, with the Met office declaring the hottest June on record in the UK, 50+ pupils gathered in the dining hall wondering if the heavy dark clouds would miss them as the day progressed.

They didn’t have to wait long for their answer. The cohort were divided into 9 groups, rucksacks had been packed with all the essential and a large amount of non-essential items ready for the 6 hour walk to Tosside.

The weather pattern quickly established itself as the drizzle became more intense. Those with waterproof jackets, some with plastic ponchos, but all in reasonably good spirits, marched on.

Each group experienced their own different trials and obstacles, whether that being cattle, horses, long grass, wrong turns or broken boots as well as the now constant rain, as they reached the summit of the campsite.

A developing festival atmosphere greeted our arrival at the campsite, as we were to be joined by a holidaying Rugby club. A marquee was their hub as we pitched our tents at the opposite end of the site.

As the wind and rain continued the meals were cooked in the sanctuary of the campsite games room. The music / rugby festival tunes accompanied the weather as darkness fell.

The next morning, we saw a break in the weather, and the music, as were able to pack up camp in good time. As the day progressed the weather slowly improved and as group reached the finish line of Bowland high school the sun began to return.

An unfortunate and unlucky 36 hours of bad weather in what has been a glorious summer to date tested all involved. When situations are difficult, courage and resilience is required and all the pupils showed a determined resolve to get the job done. The sun has returned, but the memories will remain, well done to all involved, and a massive thank you to all the staff who made it possible.

Mr Spencer