Y9 Enterprise Day

9 March, 2020

Y9 Enterprise Day

As part of our enterprise curriculum, Amy from RVBC and Roger from Jam Coding Ltd challenged our pupils to re-brand the Ribble Valley. In teams, pupils had to spend some time researching local events, facilities and our economy to encourage people to visit or potentially move to the Ribble Valley.  Pupils were judged on the innovative logo and strapline they designed for the Ribble Valley, the social media pages they mocked up, including appropriate use of images, text and hashtags for the target audience and events they had chosen. They then produced a newspaper article for a national magazine of their choice including a range of images and a persuasive headline.

Pupils then pitched their branding ideas to the rest of their society, who then voted for the best pitch to represent their society in the head to head in front of the judges.

All the pupils gathered in the dining hall to see the winning pitches. After listening to each one and asking a range of challenging questions, Amy and Roger announced the winners.

In first place were Curnock, second place Lister, third place Benedict and fourth place Walker.

Each team collected points towards the overall school society competition.

It was fantastic to see the confidence in our pupils as they presented their ideas in front of the whole year group, and their teamwork and innovation certainly shone throughout the whole day.

Amy and Roger were very impressed with the organisational, time management and creative skills shown by our pupils and commented on their levels of maturity and confidence when presenting their ideas.

Well done to all of year 9!

Mrs Robertson