Trig Point Walk

19 September, 2017

In September, the year 7 cohort were given the challenge of reaching the summit of the Beacon Hill Triangulation pillar, a huge 305 Metres above sea level. This traditional team-building activity has been a feature on the year 7 calendar for a number of years, but never has the weather been so favoura-ble as it was on that day.

The 120 pupil-strong expedition party were sub-divided into groups of 11 pupils. Each form was represented in each of these band of brothers/sisters! There were staff manned checkpoints, and a staggered start time for each group meant that navigation skills were required along with confident decision-making and a strong team spirit, in some cases fuelled by wine gums and Haribo.

I am delighted to report that all pupils summited by 13.00 hours and if you don’t count a large amount of muddy boots and clothes, and the odd sprained ankle, all pupils reported fit and well for the Waddow Hall adventure the next day.

These trips take a lot of organisation and commitment from Bowland Staff, for which I would like to thank them, personally, without them this rewarding experience would not have been possible.

R Spencer