Teen Tech Innovation Competition 2021

15 July, 2021

Andrew M, Owain I and Gulliver Reach the Final!!

Andrew M, Owain I and Gulliver C took on the challenge of the Teen Tech Innovation competition 2021 earlier this year. They formed ‘Team Frontier’ and got involved with this national initiative, where students create innovative ideas and learn more about STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The boys entered an initial design for a product they called ‘Language Lens,’ a language translation device embedded in stylish glasses. Their goal was to bring glasses to the masses!

They were given amazing feedback from a representative from the NHS, who told the boys that if this product was available now, every hospital in the UK would buy one. They then had to put together a log of their work and progress. The judging panel reviewed this and they were awarded the gold standard of excellence, and the team was rewarded with a place in the final, run as a virtual event.

The team were interviewed twice by two separate judging panels. Mrs Burns our Careers Coordinator, sat in on the interviews and she said they were given quite a grilling on technical aspects of the product, but the boys were very professional and knowledgeable in their answers.

Their achievement is particularly impressive as they have continued this project on Teams meetings, with mentors who helped them develop their initial idea.

They were the only team to be nominated in two categories ‘Digital Skills’ & ‘Wearable Technology.’
A fantastic effort, everyone at Bowland is hugely proud of your achievement making it to the final.

Mrs Cox