Team Building Day at Waddow Hall

19 June, 2015

On Friday I went to school in my waterproof trousers, coat, fleece, walking boots and thick socks. In my rucksack I had a spare change of clothes and a packed lunch.
When I arrived at Bowland I went straight to my form room and waited for my form tutor, Mr Fletcher. When he had arrived and taken the register he told us to go to the school yard and line up in our assembly lines along with the other Year Sevens.

We then all got into the buses, line by line, that would take us to Waddow Hall. On the bus I sat with my friends and we talked about what we might be doing when we arrived.

When we did arrive we took all our bags into a big room, went outside and lined up in our assembly lines. When Mr Fletcher came, along with the other teachers and instructors, he organised us in to ten teams, I was in ‘Team Ten’.

Team Ten had Jacob’s Ladder first; a big ladder held up by strong cable attached to long logs of wood. We went up in teams of four and had to help each other to the top, unfortunately my team could only get onto the second log. The best team got onto the third log.

After that we had break, we all went back to the bag room and talked with our friends or got ready for our next activities.

After break we had The Warren, a series of dark tunnels intertwined over a space of about ten metres. It was really fun, crawling through the tunnels trying to find wrapped sweets.

We then had the Boulder Room. The Boulder Room is a small room and all four walls are climbing walls. In here we played a variety of fun mini-games including: ‘How far can you climb?’ and ‘Sleeping Monkeys’. I won Sleeping Monkeys and, finally, got a prize of sweets!

Next, we had lunch before our final activity, we talked, ate, and got changed into waterproofs (for a good reason).

Then we had ‘Nightline’, we were blindfolded and then made to walk through a muddy assault course. It was actually quite funny, hearing the screams of boys and girls alike falling in mud and having icy water thrown at them, but not so funny when it happened to you.

At one point the instructor fell over and landed in the muddiest part of the course – that was the funny part.

Next we went back to the kit room got changed and prepared for our final activity – team games.

We had to solve different puzzles either in pairs or as a whole group. My favourite game was river crossing, where you have to use three planks of wood to get you from one side of a area to another whilst making sure the planks didn’t fall of the boxes used to support them.

Once finished we got our things from the room, went outside and waited for our parents to arrive and take us home.

It had been a great day…

By Tom Valentine