Wonderful Woodland Summer School


We are pleased to be able to invite all new starters to our ‘Bowland Booster’ week.

This is an opportunity not to be missed; the week promises to be fun-filled and action packed with a range of activities which will help your child in the transition to secondary school.

The week will cover some important literacy and numeracy activities to ensure all children are at an ideal starting point from September. It is unfortunate that pupils are, on average, two to three months behind in these areas, according to government research. It is our mission at Bowland to try and fill as many of these learning gaps as we can during the week. These activities will be educational, but disguised as fun to engage our new starters.

To entice our youngsters further, we will also have a variety of incredible opportunities for them to try, which will include experts from the field of art and sports and a range of other activities such as ‘learning through our landscape’ for them to try.

As well as promoting academic and social skills, we are also going to be asking pupils to ‘meet the chef’ and be involved in making their own packed ‘rainbow’ lunches each day in school. This will boost independent skills, crucial for secondary learning environments.

Our summer school will also allow children to familiarise themselves with their new school building, meet some of their teachers and make new friends.

This is a perfect opportunity to ensure your child is ready to embrace all that Bowland has to offer and remove any worries or fears about this next stage in their education.

Miss Louise Herbert

If you have received an invitation for your child to attend Summer School, please fill in the permission form here.