Pupil of the Week:
Luke S 7BMo For always being such a kind, well mannered and helpful pupil, and brightening up everyone’s day.
Aiden S 7JMC For being a ray of sunshine around school. Always helpful, cheerful and polite.
Daisy B 10C, Francesca B 10B, Lexi H 10W, Eliza J 10L, Connie L 10L Dexter L 10B, Daniel m 10W, Heidi P 10W, Johny P 10L, Olivia R 10C, Feehan S 10B, Isaac S 10W, Samuel W 10B, Ruby W 10B, Jess W 10W, for helping out at y10 Options Evening
Hermione F 9B, Jack G 11C, Ollie H 8C, Annabel R 7BMo, Summer S 10 W for the most XP achieved on Sparx this week
Ethan H 7JCo, Hugo P 7JCo Thank you for taking photos on World Book Day

Team of the week:
7 JCo – for being an amazing class to teach music to