Pupils of the Week – Congratulations to:

Tom – conducting an outstanding research project for maths homework

Jennifer & Isobelle – excellent practical work in dance

Ruby & Niamh – grade 7 for first GCSE history assessment

Alfie – great programming in computing

Finley, Phoebe, Hollie – hard work and dedication in iMedia

Cameron – enthusiasm for reading

Lucy – great attitude and very good quality work in engineering

Billy & Evan – great achievement grade 6 in first GCSE history assessment

Mia – hard work and contribution in Spanish

Charlotte – completing additional work for dance mock exam

Sam – continued excellent effort and attitude in GCSE Spanish

Ella Mae and Alex – excellent writing assessment in English


Team of the Week:

Izzy, Braydon, Andrew, Gemma, Emily, Rory, Wiktoria, Fallon, Austin, Leo, Georgina, Phoebe, Madison, Holly, Grace, Shannon – All these students exceeded their target grades in their physics assessment WOW WELL DONE!