Pupils of the Week – Congratulations to:

Katie Y – fantastic grade 9 on your drama exam
Annabelle R – phenomenal tragic heroes assessment and exceptional progress in English
Saul L, Will H, Chloe RS, Emily G – great public speaking and buddy at Year 6 induction evening
Hermione F – you are a quad millionaire reader
Freya H – you are a quintuple millionaire reader
Hannah I – you are a tri millionaire reader
Austin C & Darcy B – you are a multi millionaire reader
Theo D – you are a millionaire reader. Well done all our amazing and committed readers.


Teams of the Week – Congratulations to:

All the buddies who volunteered at the Year 6 Induction evening. You were great guides and ambassadors.
Aimee L, Scarlett C, Eva T, Isaac FW, Toby D, Fin H, Poppy E, Rupert E, Charlie J, Sienna W & Ella J.
Everyone who participated in the Inter Schools athletics competition, a very successful day.