Pupils of the Week – Congratulations to:

Jayden J – hard work in accelerated reader
Katie C & Eliza J – millionaire readers
Emily H, Jacob M, Aimee H, Edward M, Katie S & Josh B –  excellent effort in maths
Lucie OC – continued excellent attitude in GCSE Spanish
Louis W & Nancy B – great effort working on transformations in maths
Becca & Katherine Y – great effort in maths
Nathan O – now passed the next level in maths WOW!
Roxy P & Elsie H – excellent work in % in maths
Maizie J – outstanding presentation and effort in maths
Gulliver C – excellent maths joke!
Rikoe J – contributing and interacting with maths lessons
Clara W, Megan T, Mohammed O, Annabelle O, Hermione F, Emily C, Darcy B & Evie S – outstanding results in history assessment

Teams of the Week – Congratulations to:

Year 10 Pupil Leaders who helped, very professionally to make the Year 7 ‘Bring your parent to school day’ a success
Cross Country Club, numbers are rising and it’s a great lunchtime activity