Pupils of the Week – Congratulations to:

Freya, Spencer & Sean – great effort in PE

Theo – valuable verbal contributions in English

Thomas – great attitude to learning and always trying his best

Eleanor & Amelie – excellent work rate in Spanish

Keesh – excellent progress in French

Lucy – excellent work rate and commitment to Spanish

Francesca – brilliant, rhyming superheroes monologue in PA

Aggie & Grace – superb work ethic in GCSE dance

Georgia – growth in confidence

Anissa – effort and contribution in Spanish

Ruby – persevering in her lesson despite computer problems

Connor – fantastic verbal contributions in iMedia and working hard

Harvey – polite and personable young man producing fantastic work using Photopea

Elsie – outstanding work on public health improvements in the Victorian period

Libby – Very good response to assignments in H & B

Saffron – taking the initiative interviewing the teacher for primary research method in H & B

Teams of the Week