Pupils of the Week – Congratulations to:

Rupert E – an amazing free kick in the winning match against Bishop Rawstorne.
Beth C – excellent map skills in geography, and you’re always willing to help others
Lucy G, Elsie S & Rhianna G – excellent work and independent attitude in art
Will R, Roxy P, Lola L, Caitlin S, Summer H, Dan L, Isla A, Owen B, Bobby G &Thomas C – for always working extra hard in maths to ensure success
Henry H, Milly P, Emily N, Noah D, Harvey H & Tom O – fantastic achievement in GCSE biology [bioenergetics test]
Annie T – always trying hards in maths
Lola L, Bethany D, Daniel M, Daisy B & Olivia R – outstanding piece of written work in GCSE Spanish, under exam conditions
Team of the Week – Congratulations to

The following brave students who performed in front of an audience during their audition for ‘Bowland’s Got Talent’: Sreehari S, Curtis M, Hannah I, Olivia B, George G, Jessica H, Matilda H, Summer H, Noah B, Daisy P, Tally E, Chase Z, Hermione F, Hannah B, Keira T, Joy T, Rhianna G, Charlie Mc, Amelia W, Scarlett S & Faith H

Mrs Atkinson’s foundation class for a mature and conscientious start to Year 11 and doing so well on your weekly past papers.
Year 8 boys football team who beat Bishop Rawstorne 3-1 away, in the Lancs cup 1st round. Well done!