Pupils of the Week – Congratulations to:

Callum & Doruk – working consistently well with remote learning
Sean – enthusiasm and hard work in French
Will & Fallon – consistent effort to class discussion in GCSE PE
Owain – excellent written work submitted for GCSE PE
Henry – extremely helpful to other children and a lovely manner
Andrew – excellent research & written work in iMedia
Max – hard work and determination in iMedia
Alex – tremendous effort and commitment to English, and a great assessment result
Freya – outstanding piece of analytical work in GCSE dance based upon ‘artificial things’
Jonathan – maximum effort in geography
Drew – maximum effort in countryside & environment
Lilly Ella – fantastic effort with practical PE at home
Izzy – excellent effort with an online maths paper
Minnie – great contribution to form time activities
Francesca – brilliant effort and presentation on a piece of homework concerning gadgets
Aggie – incredibly well written and insightful timed assignment in GCSE dance
Finley – high quality work in D&T
Ewan – excellent effort in poetry and a positive attitude to his work
Keesh – amazing work on ‘Dulce et Decorum est’ in English
Hannah – Millionaire reader, hooray

Teams of the Week