Pupils of the Week – Congratulations to:

Herbie OJ, Joey H & Jake S – outstanding achievement making district football team

Joseph K, Noah W, Henry H, Buckley D, Tilly P & Beth L – excellent work ethic in maths

Alyse T, Oliver S, Evie S, Zack M & Katherine Y – most XP achieved on Sparx this week

Hannah I, Caitlin S, Aimee H, Tom M, Corey W-, Oscar P, Carter H, Clara W & Max E – assisting with Year 9 Remembrance assembly

Saul L, Charlie Mc & Joy T  – presenting the Remembrance assembly in Year 8

Mohammed O – outstanding work in art and exceptional attitude as always

Tom M & Sam D – excellent attainment in basketball and continued commitment in PE lessons

Oscar P, Sam D, Matilda H, Eric YM, Monika T, Rikoe & Annabel H – represented the school and provided real entertainment on the radio.