Parliament Visit

21 October, 2014

“On arrival in London, we observed ‘The Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace and then we walked down the Mall to the National Gallery where Miss Tarpey gave us a lightening tour of key paintings that she thought we should see.

Finally we walked to Parliament during where the pupils were given a conducted tour of Parliament and they were able to watch debates both in the Commons and Lords.

Following this, the group took part in a workshop about the elections which was particularly well delivered. Comments were made about our pupils’ excellent participation across the age range. During the final part of this we were joined by out MP, Nigel Evans, although he had to urgently leave due to vote following the sounding of a division bell. However, this further brought home the fact that we were visiting a working place of democracy and not a museum.

Finally, we walked to Downing Street, where following arrangements made by Nigel Evans office, we were allowed to have photographs taken outside number ten.