Parliament Trip

19 September, 2017

Twenty two students from Bowland’s School Council visited parliament last Friday. The trip was organised by the Executive Committee consisting of: Benjamin, Alex, Bethany, Isabelle, Rebecca and Issy.

The purpose of the visit was to learn about the role of parliament, to see the place where laws are made and important issues have been debated throughout history and continue to do so. Students and teachers had a tour around the Palace of Westminster including both Houses of Parliament. Following this, the School Council took part in a debating workshop during which students debated a law regarding Brexit and a walk down the famous Downing Street and had our pictures taken outside Number 10!

The students also visited the Science Museum, Covent Garden and the day was finished with a meal at Pizza Express, which was enjoyed by everyone. The trip departed early at 06:55 at Preston and returned at 23:15, so there were some pretty tired students (and teachers) when we arrived at Preston. The behaviour of the pupils during the visit was truly exemplary and was commented upon by several members of the public each and every one made Bowland proud!

J Simmonds