New Millionaire Readers

31 March, 2022
We continue to celebrate our fabulous readers:
Firstly, Miss Hussain’s Y7 set 2 English  class are the first Y7 class where everyone is over their target of reading for 20 mins each night. Therefore, I have nominated them for Team of the Week.
Secondly, our millionaire readers’ club is growing:
Ella M (Y8) has achieved the amazing milestone of reading 1 million words since September…fantastic!
Hermione F (Y7) has doubled that and read an outstanding 2 million words since September. She’s been reading non-stop so she could reach her target before Easter.
Cara Z challenges herself and has therefore read some amazing books. She was so pleased when she reached one million words!
Phoebe F had her goal of reaching one million words and was determined to get there! She devours books at a fantastic rate and has been known to read a book in one night!
Mrs Emmanuel