Mr Bates Completes His Training as Community First Responder

3 April, 2019

Mr Bates, Bowland’s Performing Arts Technician has recently completed his training to become a Community First Responder.

This is a voluntary role that Mr Bates undertakes outside of school life that sees him responding to 999 emergencies in the local community on behalf of NWAS (North West Ambulance Service).  This is to provide emergency response before an ambulance arrives as responders are based within a community and are able to reach the scene within a few minutes.

Training involved 2 intensive weekends covering basic life support such as CPR, use of a defibrillator and oxygen.  He also learned about strokes, heart attacks, diabetic emergencies and many other time critical incidents.

Please congratulate Mr Bates with us for serving our local community and also at school where he along with other staff members provides vital first aid.