This term year 8 pupils spent the day visiting the Liverpool Slavery Museum. The purpose of the visit was to view the artefacts and the exhibitions to gain an understanding of the Atlantic Slave trade. Many of the pupils met Barbara – one of the museum tour guides – who was amazing! She helped the pupils find the answers to the questions in their workbook and then showed them lots of other interesting information. For example – did you know that the famous “Penny Lane” that the Beatles sang about is actually named after a slave trading wealthy Liverpool family! James Penny was an outspoken Liverpool slave ship owner and staunch anti-abolitionist who made his money from the transportation of slaves. Penny was one of several traders from Liverpool who spoke in favour of the slave trade.

Pupils also had the opportunity to the other exhibitions – one about the Lusitania – and another called “seized” which holds one of the most important collections of illegal items that are confiscated by customs officials upon entry into the UK – for example weapons, artefacts made from endangered species, drugs and counterfeit goods – as well as explaining the role of the UK border agency in protecting Britain.

All in all a very successful trip!