There were many awards presented to pupils at Bowland’s End of Term Assembly yesterday, we also had two very important guests to present a new award to one of our pupils – The Katrina Frances Fell Award.

A former pupil of Bowland School, Katrina Frances Fell was a beautiful soul who loved people and always made sure that everyone was welcome and included. A warm, compassionate girl, she went out of her way to make you feel special. In celebration of Kat, a prize will be awarded annually in her name to someone who looks out for others. This will perhaps be a carer for somebody; someone who makes sure that newcomers are welcomed; a fundraiser for charity; or maybe someone who brings comfort to others who are suffering. Essentially a person who displays compassion and empathy. This prize is not for a single grand gesture, it will be awarded to the nominated pupil who is innately kind and wants to try and ensure the happiness of others.

Phoebe C Y11 was nominated and presented with the award by Kat’s mum and auntie.

Phoebe is a very kind and considerate member of our Bowland community. She has a very caring attitude and can always be relied on to look out for other pupils of all ages and stands up for what is right. Staff know that Phoebe is always willing to help out around school for that we are very grateful. As a friendly, warm and trustworthy member of school – Phoebe absolutely deserves this award.

We also announced to Year 10 who was successful in representing Bowland as Pupil Leaders when our current Year 11 step down and fly the nest.

Congratulations to:

Senior Pupil Leaders – Tom O’D and Orla SL

Deputy Pupil Leaders – Lexie C, Sadie W, Isaac J, Imogen N, Sean B, Tilly M, Lilly-Ella S and Harvey H

Assistant Pupil Leaders – George F, Rikoe J, Lexi H, Evie B, Lola T, Jamie D, Tamsin E, Finlay S, Emma GR, Maddy H, Harry H, Charlie M, Rose D, Harriet R, Jennifer S, Josh B, Megan P, Milly P, Katie Y, Izzy O’R, Hannah B, Emma S, Chloe W, Katie S, Lucy G, Monika T, Isabel D, Sophie P, Harriet S, Ella-May T, Elsie S, Millie S, Thomas H, Rihanna G, Josh F, Joanne R, Becca Y, Betty S, Katie H, Henry H, Ella P, Imogen L and Lydia L.