IWM Salford

19 February, 2014

Forty-five pupils in year 10 had an enjoyable and informative visit to the Imperial War Museum in Salford. The pupils had a superb opportunity to take part in a taught session with the museum education team examining historical artefacts belonging to four different soldiers who had fought in the first, second or Iraq war and building up their individual life stories. They looked at a range of diverse artefacts of which some examples included a world war 1 commemorative penny, letters and photographs, the remnant of a WW1 shell used in fighting, a pair of soldiers boots, newspaper reports and a helmet and a set of war medals.

Pupils also took part in a tour of the museum to learn about various conflicts around the world from WW1 to the present day. They also had the opportunity to watch one of the museums audio-visual films that are shown on all the walls in the centre of the museum and take a visit to the top of the shard to have a birds eye view of Manchester. All in all a very enjoyable day was had by all!