Headteacher meets Prime Minister

22 January, 2010

Stephen Cox, Headteacher of Bowland High school, attended a reception hosted by the Prime Minister on Monday 11th January. The reception was held to celebrate the achievements of some of the most improved schools in the country. In recent years, Bowland High has been one of those schools which the DCFS has identified as improving the most.

The evening reception was hosted by the Prime Minister and his wife, with other senior education officials also present, including (Ed Balls Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families) and Vernon Coaker (Minister of State for Schools and Learners). There were approximately one hundred and fifty school leaders at the reception from both Primary and Secondary schools across the country. Mr Cox was one of only two secondary heads from Lancashire.

At the reception the Prime Minister thanked the school leaders for their efforts and recognised the invaluable work they have done in raising achievement and extending the opportunities for young people across the country.

Mr Cox commented, “It was a great honour to meet the Prime Minister and to be welcomed in such a sincere way at Downing Street. The evening was very special to me personally, but more importantly, a fantastic recognition of the hard work of my very dedicated team of teachers and support staff back at school.” He commented further, “Mr Brown made us feel very welcome and it was awe inspiring to see the inside of Downing Street, where so many great leaders form the past and present have graced its halls and rooms”.