Global Challenge

22 March, 2012

This is the third year that we have run this event. The aim of the day is to develop some of the key personal, learning and thinking skills that are a key element of the national curriculum. Pupils work in mixed age, society teams and are rewarded (in imitation currency related to the countries focused on in their challenge) for their teamwork, problem solving, initiative, resilience, etc. There are 8 challenges for pupils to choose from, which are designed to cater for different areas of interest, such as technology, performance, sport, creativity.

There is always an emphasis on enjoyment on challenge days and this year the glorious weather led to a particularly enjoyable day, with many challenges taking place outside. By the end of the morning the south field represented a Native American settlement as a consequence of the Wigwam challenge (though the tents did look suspiciously like tepees). At regular intervals the yard echoed to the sounds of the Haka. Meanwhile, the food technology room saw pupils rushing for cover during air raids in a recreation of what it was like to cook during the Second World War. The hot temperatures helped to turn the ground floor of garden block into a typical sweatshop, as pupils laboured to produce items to exchange for building materials to construct their own slum dwelling (evidently more fun than it sounds!).

Whilst touring the school to visit their teams in each challenge, the society officials had the task of using the money earned in various currencies to purchase jigsaw pieces for a 3D globe in a constantly fluctuating exchange rate. They had to assess when to spend different currencies according to clues from regular news bulletins and then compete against each other to be the first to construct the globes.

Congratulations should go to all pupils and society officials for their efforts during the day, and particular thanks to colleagues who were behind the organisation of the various challenges. At the end of what was a keen but respectful competition Walker came in just ahead of Lister and Mr. Cox presented the trophy to Anna Clay, Chair of Walker Society.