GCSE Results Day 2017/18

19 August, 2018

Excellent levels of progress of recent years sustained

High numbers of top grades in core subjects and other new GCSE courses.

Well done to all of the pupils who sat GCSEs this summer at a time of great change in GCSE courses and the additional depth and challenge provided by the new examinations. As a year, this group of young people have collectively displayed an excellent attitude throughout their time at Bowland and contributed so much to our school.

On average pupils have achieved more than half a grade in each subject above expectations, based on the levels they achieved at primary school, putting their achievements as a cohort within the top 10% of school cohorts in England. We are especially pleased with the increase in the number of top grades this year in core subjects, with a third of pupils achieving grade 7 or above in science subjects and almost a third achieving this level in English. In the new GCSE courses there were a hundred grades of 8 or 9 and 28% of all grades were 7 or above.

These results are a reflection of the dedication and hard work of pupils and staff at Bowland, as well as the support received from parents and carers. Above all else, we are proud of the attitude to learning and commitment over a sustained period of time that it has taken to achieve them.

We wish everyone well as you commence the next stage in your education, and hope you enjoy continued success and find your chosen courses and apprenticeships enjoyable and fulfilling.