GCSE Results Day

6 July, 2022

GCSE Results Day

Examination results will be available for collection on Thursday 25th August as follows:

Year 11 between 8.30 am – 11.30 am

Year 10 between 9.30 am – 11.30 am

On results day, candidates receive a printed candidate statement of results (results slip). This includes all subjects and units taken, with the grade achieved for each. Statement of results are confidential between the awarding body and the candidate, therefore if you are unavailable to come to school to collect your examination results in person, you may:

  • send someone on your behalf, with a letter of permission from yourself, allowing that person to collect your results.  This person should bring with them photographic proof of their identity, (e.g. driving licence/passport etc.).

  • prior to the end of the summer term give the Examinations Manager a stamped addressed envelope so that the results can be posted to you.

  • prior to the end of the summer term email the Exams Office exams@bowland.atctrust.org.uk requesting your results to be emailed.  This request must be made by the candidate and not the parent.


Senior members of centre staff will be available to candidates immediately after the publication of results so that results may be discussed and decisions made on the submission of enquiries.  If, when the results are announced, you feel strongly that a subject grade is incorrect; you should firstly speak to your subject teacher who will in turn speak to Mrs Wilkinson. If there are good reasons for doing so the school is able to request a review of marking, but for this written, signed consent from the student (form/fees included in results pack) and payment is required. Please note this procedure cannot be carried out privately, the awarding bodies will only accept requests from the school.