Fishing Match

21 July, 2014

The school’s Inter-Society fishing match was held on Sunday 13th July and was sponsored by ‘Angler’s Mail’ who have kindly donated prizes for the event. Each society had 4 team members and contestants were awarded 1 point for a roach, perch or gudgeon and 2 points for a skimmer bream.

Sean Grover won the match for Lister with a whopping 12 fish and 14 points. Brant Middleton came second with 12 fish and 12 points. Lily Carter and Oscar Duck came joint 3rd. Thanks to all the parents that attended the event.

The fishing competition was set up by the maths department to promote numeracy within the school. Pupils learnt how numeracy is involved in angling and were able to convert weights from pounds and ounces to grams and kilograms and vice versa. Pupils were also able to construct formulae that provided the total number of points scored for each society.

The next intersociety fishing competition will be in October 2014. Please see Mr Whittaker or Mr St John for details.