Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

13 July, 2021

Year 10 Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

After a difficult period, where restrictions meant limited access to what we all enjoy, thankfully the Duke of Edinburgh award were able to allow expeditions again from May.

Therefore a campsite was booked, instructors organised and forms submitted, we were ready to go on Monday 5th July. The expedition is the most memorable aspect of the award for many pupils and with that in mind we organised two challenging routes to Tosside.

Alternative Adventurer, our partner company, provided tents, rucksacks and stoves for the pupils. With such a large cohort, two expeditions were decided upon. Unfortunately as it turned out, COVID would strike again and has forced the second group to wait until September.

Group A had a wonderful overcast first day. Temperatures were manageable and the rain stayed away as the pupils learnt the navigation ropes under supervision in the morning. Once the instructors were happy, remote supervision was employed and the groups were on their own.

All arrived at camp tired but proud of their days achievements. Tents were erected and meals were cooked as the clouds built up above. The heavy rain started at Midnight and continued long into the following morning. All groups packed up and set upon the homeward journey.

An excellent group of pupils who rose to the challenges presented to them. All that remains is to thank Mrs Baron, Mr Eather and Mr Bergon – the Bowland staff for supporting the pupils.

To gain the bronze award pupils need to complete the remaining sections of volunteering, physical and skills.

Mr Spencer