China Day

19 February, 2016

On Tuesday 9th February Bowland High School hosted its annual global challenge day. The theme of the day this year was China and Chinese culture, coincident with Chinese New Year. The school was also celebrating links with its new partner school in Qingdao, China. All pupils in Years 7 – 9 selected their favourite challenge out of 12 that were offered.

Examples of challenges included Tai Chi, ping pong, calligraphy, origami and fan making, brush painting, wall construction, learning to use chopsticks in Chinese cookery, Chinese dragon dancing, Chinese science experiments and Mandarin classes. The aim of the day was for pupils to learn about Chinese culture and also get the opportunity to learn a new skill. In order to make the day as culturally authentic as possible many of the workshops were led by professionals from UCLAN’s Chinese Confucius Institute.

A group of Chinese students from Fuzhou in Southern China also spent the day at Bowland. They are currently in England on an exchange visit and enjoyed a full day working with Bowland pupils on the different challenges.

The day ended with a mini ping pong tournament which pitched Bowland pupils and teachers against some of the Chinese exchange students and teachers. Although a valiant effort was made the Chinese team were just too good and won the tournament with ease.

Pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and are now looking forward to further partnership with their new link school in China. Key stage 3 pupils will be offered the opportunity to visit China on an exchange visit in the next academic year.