Childrens Health Study

22 July, 2013

Bowland High takes part in an internationally recognised children’s health study

Did you know that in this area by the age of 12 years-old over 50% of children have experienced tooth decay? This means that they could suffer toothache, abscesses and need painful dental treatment. Each year over 1000 children in this area have teeth extracted under General Anaesthesia in hospital because of their bad teeth.

Our school has played an active role in a study sponsored by the University of Manchester to find out why. This year they re-examined pupils in Year 11 who first took part when they were seven years old. Pupils were offered a dental examination and completed questionnaires about how they look after their teeth. The study also recorded pupils’ height and weight to find out about obesity in this age group.

This internationally recognised study has been running for seven years with over 4000 children in East Lancashire agreeing to take part. The results of this important study will help the NHS plan dental services and childhood obesity programmes in the future.

The study team from the Salaried Dental Services commented on the good manners and attitudes of the pupils and praised how well the study was organised in the school.

Emma Parker, Head Girl, presented flowers to Chris Bishop on 23rd July. Chris is a Dentist from the Salaried Dental Services who spent her last day before retirement carrying out dental exams for the study.

If you require any more information about the study please contact Hilary Whitehead on 01254 380 463. If you need to find a NHS Dentist you may ring 0845 5333 230.