Challenge Day

10 October, 2018

With challenges involving cracking enigma codes, working out complex algorithms and the frenzied futuristic train designs, our pupils and staff were certainly set up for the demands of our Challenge Tuesday!

Here’s a summary of what our Year 7-9 pupils were involved with on this year’s theme of science and construction:

Construction Codes

Pupils were solving complex mathematics behind structures involving the famous Rubik’s cube, alongside making their own cubes.


Train Design

Working in teams of five, pupils were involved in the design and production of the fastest trains of the future. This was a highly competitive challenge with crucial timings and testing of prototypes.

Future Transport

Researching types of transport for the future and assessing against a list of their own criteria, pupils enjoyed both independent and group learning in this session.

Building a Microphone

Pupils were given all the electrical bits and bobs to build a microphone from scratch with lots of vocal participation for the sound testing.

Spanning the Channel

With various materials to cost and distribute, teams had to build a bridge over 25cm. Weights were used to test the strength and weakness of the bridges.

STEM STARS: Susie, Caitlin, Erica, Alyssa, Katie, Joe, Gemma, Florence and Ginny.

Currency Challenge

Similar to buying and selling shares, pupils had to buy and sell oil from various companies by responding to live news flashes online. Pupils had to learn when to sell and when to keep before they were broke!

STEM STARS: Dandy Traders were the best team of the day. 8 Curnock were the winning form. stars were Charlie, Grace, Annabelle, Harry, Oliver and Katie.

Smart Sensors

Learning all about heart rate monitors, from fitbits to professional doctors’ models, pupils were then given opportunities to test them out. Playing dodgeball to increase their heart rates, pupils then recorded results to see the best and the worst on the market.

STEM STARS: Josh, Riley and Rose

Constructing the Future

Pupils considered the rate of population growth in cities and how to house increasing populations in mega cities: build vertically! Pupils only had basic equipment in which to build the tallest free standing towers. The added complication was the cost involved in these materials – the wining group would build the tallest tower on the lowest budget.

Rosetta Stone

Imitating the famous Alan Turing, pupils were cracking codes to work out secret messages.

STEM STARS: Freya, Freya, Ella, Jasmin and Ruby

Robot Swarms

Pupils had to add special features to their robot designs which would allow them to effectively carry out search and rescue operations after an earthquake.

STEM STARS: Henry, Laura and Edward

Overall, we had a fantastic day of learning fit for our enquiring young minds; our pupils especially enjoyed seeing our multi-skilled staff and all their many facets.