British Citizen Youth Award

19 October, 2017

The ambition for public libraries is to provide a space where people in the community can grow well, live well and learn well. But the advent of the internet means that libraries are finding it more difficult to attract users.

Benjamin, through volunteering has developed ideas to bring to the library which, at a time of increased staffing pressures and funding cuts, help to increase usage and help other young users experience the best that the library has to offer. He does this because he knows that by sharing his knowledge with young children he can improve their lives. Benjamin is willing to get involved and try anything with commitment, versatility, maturity and cheerfulness.

Benjamin first started volunteering at the community library during the summer, but then continued his involvement after the summer programme ended. He went on to create digital literacy sessions and introduce beginners coding sessions for children. This has provided young people with an opportunity to learn valuable new skills. By enabling young people to engage with IT, Benjamin is expanding their career opportunities in an increasingly digital world.

The biggest impact Benjamin has made has been enabling the library to offer high quality activities that wouldn’t have existed without him. Through enthusiastically sharing his own skills and abilities, the library has been able to deliver events and activities that are outside the abilities of the staff.